Can I Trade-In (or Sell) my Wrecked Car

Can I Trade-In (or Sell) my Wrecked Car

Can accidents happen even to the most careful and vigilant drivers and there are so many ways that things can go wrong when a car accident happens.

Were both drivers covered by insurance?

Who's fault was it and is that clear?

Are there witnesses and a police report?

There is a lot going on and once you have some clear answers, it gets easier to find out if you will be able to repair your wrecked vehicle, if it will be deemed a salvage title, if you will be reimbursed for the car, or if you will need to find a way to see your now wrecked vehicle.

Once all of the chaos of the accident clears and you know the condition of your car, you may be wondering, “What is my car worth?” or “Who will buy my wrecked car?”

Here are some Options for What to do With Your Wrecked Car:

Insurance Coverage

If you were hit by another car, you may be able to get insurance to cover the cost of the repairs.

The other drivers insurance should cover the damages.

If they are uninsured or they are claiming they are not at fault, you may need to find another way to reimburse your vehicle or have your own insurance cover the cost.

If you only have liability insurance and the accident was your fault, unfortunately your insurance will only cover the cost of the repairs on the other vehicle, not your own.

Check your insurance policy and discuss with your insurance representative how you should proceed.

Selling Your Car Privately

Selling you car privately is another option but can be a challenge if you end up with a salvage title or the car itself is being sold in the damaged condition.

Most buyers are looking for vehicles with little or no damage, so the changes of making money on your vehicle declines greatly.

When selling privately, be sure to clearly list the repair costs associated with your car, and be upfront with the buyer so they know what your car's current title and condition is.

Dealership Trade-In

There is the option to do a dealership trade-in but this can be a pretty limited option depending on the extent of damage to your vehicle.

To even consider this option, you need to be looking for a new car to trade your existing car in for.

If you are going to need a replacement, you can trade your damaged vehicle in and have the money go towards your new car.

Just keep in mind that you will most likely need to pay for towing and the dealership may tack on additional hidden fees, which will affect the real amount you’re getting for your trade-in.

You may also not get much for your trade-in this way.

Scrapping Your Vehicle

If the car is pretty damaged and you don't want to deal with any of the above mentioned option, you can always scrap your vehicle.

Often times the remaining working parts are worth more alone than as part of a whole car.

The downside to this choice is the time and effort it takes to part a vehicle.

You also need to do your research to know what you should be getting for each part and how to remove them without adding damage.

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