Selling a car with mechanical problems

Selling a Car with Mechanical Problems

All cars eventually need some sort of repairs whether big or small and you may have come to the point where your vehicle feels like a big old money pit.

From bad transmission problems, to burning oil, as far as a blown engine, you look at this car every day and wonder what to do with it.

If you are at a loss for what to do with your problematic vehicle, we have some options for you and yes, there are ways to get some money out of that money pit.

Continue reading this post to learn how to sell a car with mechanical problems and get top dollar for it.

How to Sell a Car that Needs Repairs

If you haven't already done so, you will want to have a certified mechanic look at your car and tell you exactly what is wrong with your car.

They can get you a list of what is wrong with the car, the cost of repair, and the cost of the parts.

This way you know exactly what you are dealing with and can decide how you want to sell the car.

Now that you know exactly what is wrong with your car, you can decide how you want to sell it and you have a few options:

  1. Sell privately either by word of mouth or by putting up a sign and parking on the side of the road.
  2. Sell online via Facebook Marketplace or Craigslist
  3. Sell to a Cash Buyer

Tips for Selling Privately

Selling privately means buying and posting bright “For Sale” sign and parking your car in a high traffic area.

You will want to make sure the sign in visible from all angles and that it is in area where plenty of people will drive or walk by and see the vehicle for sale.

You will want to put as much information as possible on the car and be honest with potential buyers.

When people call you, let them know what is wrong with the car and tell them the good, the bad, and the ugly.

Share the mechanics notes with potential buyers so they can see why the car is priced as is and what will need to be done to make the car run.

Just keep in mind that selling a car that needs a lot of work can be challenging and you may go through a lot of potential buyers before finding someone to actually buy the car.

Tips for Selling Online

Some major advantages to selling online vs. privately is that you can post more detail in a listing and you can reach more people.

When posting online via sites like Facebook or Craigstlist, be sure to include lots of photos and as much information as possible.

Also, be ready to speak to a lot of potential buyers via e-mail, text and phone. There will be a lot of questions and interest and posting online can be high maintenance.

Selling to a Cash Buyer

If the above two options seem daunting for a car that has so many issues, or if you already been there, done that, then you may want to consider selling the car to a Cash buyer like

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